Click through to see the pictures on these five freaky sites.  They are must see to believe.


1) Fashion Show Done Entirely with Condoms —  Dresses, outerwear, swimsuits, and even a wedding gown made entirely of condoms.  The fashion show was put on in China to help with AIDS awareness.  From

2) Heel-less and Other Strange Shoes — Antonio Berardi’s heelless shoes are said to have already been scooped up by more than one A-list celebrity.  Marc Jacobs’ turned-on-the-side shoe sports a heel jutting out of the middle of the sole and parallel to the ground.  Chanel’s ankle purse actually looks like it might be useful.  From

3) Hamster DressIt’s a dress, it’s a habitrail, it’s…just really freakin’ weird.  Hamsters…don’t leave home without them.  From

4) Toilet Paper Wedding Dress — Some poor woman got married in a dress made entirely of Charmin toilet paper just so she could get a free honeymoon…in Wisconsin.  Ummm, doesn’t seem worth it.  From

5) Dress Being Knit As It’s Worn — This one you just have to see for yourselfFrom

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Photo Courtesy of Dimitris Kritsotakis and Lucretious


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