Looks like TheGloss is having a ’90s moment (kind of like, uh, always). This week we’re taking an awesome trip through the “clever, hip and scary” world of culturally relevant teen horror flick Scream.

A lot of people found the movie’s self-aware(ish) spin on the slasher genre to be too clever and annoying.

…A lot more people got the shit scared out of them by the infamous “Casey Becker” scene, in which Drew Barrymore fights for her life in a kicky haircut.

Wherever you fall, I have a soft spot for Scream and all of its excellent ’90s tropes: cropped denim jackets, micro minis, pop culture references, Neve Campbell.

So here’s our tribute to the kids from Scream.

Special thanks to former Gloss intern Lucia Peters for her help with this behemoth!