Halloween is less than two weeks away!

I’m still trying to solidify my plans – I have lots of options this year, and each one leads to a very distinct costume choice. Whatever I choose, though, I don’t want to blow a fortune – and I dont’ have to. We can absolutely have a spooktacular Halloween that is recession-friendly at the same time.

My fabulously brilliant friend, Michelle Madhok, Online Shopping Expert and Founder of SheFinds.com, shared some tips to get great deals this season on Halloween costumes.



Shop through sites that’ll give you cash back

For example, Bank of America recently introduced Add It Up (www.bankofamerica.com/additup), a shopping website that allows you to earn up to 11% cash back on anything you buy from Costume Super Center. The 11 % cash back is in addition to the sale prices on the site.

2. Riff on your own personal style

Figure out what you have in your closet that could be costume-worthy, then build around it – accessories and makeup will be cheaper than buying the whole ensemble. Do you love ladylike prints and fur jackets? Add dark sunglasses and be Anna Wintour. Friends point to you as the boho-chic girl in the group? Channel Rachel Zoe with an inexpensive blonde wig and tons of costume jewelry.

3. Scour vintage stores and eBay

Sometimes costume inspiration can just hit if you spend some time wandering the racks at a secondhand shop. Vintage stores are great resources for decades-themed costumes, and at all but the most she-she shops, the prices are right for a one-time party outfit.

4. Laugh at yourself

Think outside the box and scour the costume sites to find a funny costume that not everyone else will be wearing (we sorted by “Most Popular,” then started from the last page). Some examples we like: A Freddy Kreuger-esque “naughty nightmare,” a sexy taxi that gives “free rides”.