These days, you know a fashion site or brand hasn’t really made it until there’s a blog devoted to making fun of them. This week, I stumbled on two blogs, both dedicated to ragging on a store: WTForever21 makes fun of Forever21, and Worst of Gilt takes on Gilt Groupe.

Worst Of Gilt, which was launched last month as an update of the Not Gilty Tumblr, focuses on some of the site’s worst looks, mostly in the menswear category, like this $328 “trouser garter belt” (pictured) and a lacy blue blazer that Boy George might toss in his “unworn” pile.

Worst of Gilt’s slogan is “There’s excess inventory for a reason.” While it’s tongue-in-cheek, the slogan does address one thing that’s at the heart of Gilt, Ideeli, and other similar last-minute-sale sites: is the stuff on sale because the company got some kind of incredible deal, or is it on sale because no one else wanted it? Trash or treasure, Gilt is still way more expensive than the stuff your neighbor is trying to get rid of at his yard sale.

Regardless, it’s great that someone is picking up the work left unfinished by the International Male catalogue.

On the other end of the spectrum, WTForever21 chronicles some of the worst picks at the low-budget fashion emporium. While you won’t be able to drop hundred or thousands on smoking jackets at Forever 21, it’s just as easy to find outrageously bad looks. There’s more commentary on WTForever21, with snappy asides about some of the worst of the worst (take the swami hat posted here, for example.)

Do you know any other hilarious fashion snark blogs (um, besides The Gloss, of course)? Let us know about your favorites.