One of my favorite things about the internet is how it feels at times like a treasure hunt. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m hunting, until I get to that a-ha! moment.

Today, while looking at my Design*Sponge update, I saw a piece on Paris apartment dweller, Catherine Taret, whom writes My Little Paris. I had to check it out, because as a girl living in a California suburb, there is nothing more fascinating than the idea of living life as a Parisienne.

My Little Paris is set up into sections and I clicked first “beauty” and then “fashion,” because that’s my area of interest, of course. Under fashion I found a piece on Eva Zingoni, who takes leftover fabric and materials from the Paris fashion houses and uses them to create beautiful garments. From remnant to beautiful creation. She also uses recycled materials to make jewelry.

Eva Zingoni believes in a fashion that is not only aesthetic but that seeks to transmit values and even convey emotions. Her limited-series garments are made with prestigious textiles recovered from famous fashion houses. Each unique and luxurious fabric that Eva collects inspires the form, tailoring and texture of a garment and her job as a designer is to “listen” to what each fabric says, creating a garment that reflects these emotions. Each garment is made exclusively in French workshops, a decision dictated by Eva’s respect for craftmanship and her desire to support and sustain outstanding local talent.

The black dress above is  in matte jersey viscose. It has stripes and embroidered silk organza petals. The Eva Zingoni website is available in both French and English.

Image credit: Eva Zingoni