Elsa H&M Frozen V Sign SHirt

Oh no. It looks like not all Disney Frozen-related items have people singing with joy at the top of their lungs. A H&M t-shirt with Elsa on the front has angered parents because she appears to be giving the controversial V-sign. The hand gesture with the middle and index fingers raised and parted can be interpreted many different ways, from the number two, to the peace sign, to victory, to an insult–particularly if the person doing the gesture has their palm facing inwards, which is what many think Elsa is doing here. The sign is more common in the UK and Australia and has similar connotations to flipping your middle finger.

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This is the most WTF Frozen-related thing since the sexy Olaf Halloween costume. On the shirt, Elsa is turning towards the viewer with her index and middle fingers parted. Her ring and pinky fingers are also slightly raised and she appears to be forming a snowflake. It isn’t a definite V-sign, but it is close enough to still upset numerous parents. According to the Daily Mail, parents want the shirt pulled from stores because it could encourage children to mimic the offensive gesture.

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The Daily Mail reported that Disney hasn’t commented on the situation, while H&M has no plans to stop selling the t-shirt and say that Elsa is simply forming a snowflake on the shirt. It is currently for sale on the H&M website for $17.95, as part of a two-pack of Frozen tops. There have yet to be any complaints about the Anna, Elsa and Olaf tee. So, Sorry parents, you’re still going to have to buy the set for that shirt alone. Good luck trying to explain to your kids why they can’t wear the Elsa one.

(Photo: H&M)