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We have another reason to thank Netflix. John Stamos announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live! That Netflix have commissioned a 13-episode season of Full House. That’s right, Michelle Tanner fans, your favorite 90s show is getting a revival. It will debut in 2016 and be spinoff series that focuses D.J. Tanner (Candace Cameron-Bure), her three kids, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and neighbor Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). There are also discussions that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Bob Saget will have ongoing guest appearances.

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To celebrate, put on your old hair scrunchie and take a look at some of the best 90s fashions from the Full House characters:

1. Michelle Tanner’s Green OverallsMichelle Tanner Green Overalls

Denim overalls were fun but bright green ones were even better, especially if they were OshKosh and you paired them with a bright yellow shirt.

2. Danny Tanner’s Printed CardiganDanner Tanner Printed Jacket

Michelle Tanner is rocking some awesome candy cane stripes while Danny Tanner is wearing a cardigan that looks like its inspiration was an old sofa. You have to love the 90s obsession with random prints.

3. Stephanie Tanner’s Baseball ShirtStephanie Tanner Baseball Tee

What was with the baseball obsession of the 1990s? If you looked like you were on a Little League team you were the definition of cool.

4. D.J. Tanner’s Mom Blazer and ShirtDJ Tanner Mom Blazer

D.J. Tanner showed it was never too early to start wearing a mom blazer and blouse. Mom blazers before driver’s license.

5. Uncle Jesse’s Brown And BlueJesse Brown And Blue

Jesse Katsopolis could pretty much wear anything and still look good as evidenced by this striped shirt with denim and leather jacket. I’m pretty sure N*SYNC‘s stylist was inspired by him.

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6. Kimmy Gibbler’s Oversized Yellow JacketKimmy Gibbler Yellow Jacket

We cannot forget about neighbor Kimmy Gibbler. You may not recognize her here, but that’s her on the left hiding under the face mask and the massive yellow jacket that was probably borrowed from her uncle.

7. Michelle Tanner’s Ruffled JumperMichelle Tanner Ruffled Overalls

If you thought that there isn’t anything better than bright pink overalls, check out Michelle’s ruffled jumper. Not only did it have cute straps but it had rainbow polka dots on it. If you wore this, everyone in the playground would be jealous.

8. D.J. Tanner’s Statement SweaterDJ Tanner Statement Sweater

Statements sweaters were to the 1990s what peanut butter is to jelly, you couldn’t have one without the other. D.J. Tanner earns extra points for trying this dance scene instead of the usual wild print.

9. Stephanie Tanner’s Hipster CoolStephanie Tanner Hipster Cool

This outfit is probably the envy of hipsters everywhere. Who knew that studious Stephanie would be inspiring everyone from Portland to Brooklyn with her round glasses?

10. Becky Katsopolis’ Pink Rodeo ShirtRebecca Rodeo Shirt

Rebecca Katsopolis taught us many things including that you can go for a cowgirl look and still look very girly.

11. Uncle Jesse’s SuspendersUncle Jesse Suspenders

There is no way that Uncle Jesse‘s pants are ever going to fall down. Those things are going to stay in place no matter what.Uncle Jesse Suspenders Back

If you thought they were secure in the front, check out the back.

12. Michelle Tanner’s ShortsMichelle Tanner's Shorts

Those are some massive jean shorts for a little girl. Michelle followed the 1990s style rule and paired her shorts with a turtleneck and scrunched white socks, because they went with everything.