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Fashion Week in February was all about the furry details this year and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

Fur has never been my thing, but it’s kind of hard to ignore a trend that was in literally 5 well-known designers’ shows. It was deja vu, if deja vu involves flipping between Getty Images pages trying to remember which look went with which house (which is exactly what I did while writing this post). Fur was everywhere. Milan was full of it, with Prada and Gucci leading the way and the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Fendi following suit with a few pieces as well.





Christopher Kane and his bobushkas rocked it in London. And obviously, Marc Jacobs ended NYFW with the fur (and feathers) flying, by having cuffs moved higher up on the arms to create a dramatic silhouette.

Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs

Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs

Exaggerated fur cuffs were everywhere and what’s even better is that there are tons of coats out there that have awesome cuffs and are on sale.

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Sofia Cashmere Wool-Cashmere A-line Coat W/ Mongolian Lamb Fur (Lord & Taylor, $597)


Obviously, this one is for someone who absolutely NEEDS to have real fur but doesn’t want to pay the real fur price. It’s half-off (but still pricey).

Roaman’s® Plus-Size Imitation Fur Collar Coat (Full Beauty, $60)


Not only is Camel a huge color ever single Fall season, this is the perfect coat to layer sweaters under.

KAREN MILLEN Faux Fur Collar Coat (Bloomingdale’s, $530)

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I love this coat. I love it so much and I usually hate red but I love this coat and it’s so expensive. Why must life hate me?

Traffic People Mia Jacket With Faux Fur Cuffs (ASOS, $89)

image1xxl (5)

A little more avant-garde but this is a great topper for wearing around a chilly office when the last thing you want to do is sacrifice style.

Contemporary Faux Fur-Trimmed A-Line Coat (Forever21, $31)


This is a more demure take on it, with a cropped style that would look awesome with a pair of high-waisted flare jeans and a too-long button down shirt.

ASOS Coat in Suede with Faux Fur Collar (ASOS, $240)

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If you want to look like you just walked off the Gucci runway, this is the jacket for you.

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Josie Natori Boiled Wool Faux Fur Trim Coat (Natori, $657)


Now this is not an option I would ever recommend because of the price, but it is a coat that is so Fashion Week-inspired, it was too cool not to add to the list.

ASOS Coat with Skater Skirt and Faux Fur Cuffs (ASOS, $132)

image3xxl (2)

Okay so we can all agree that ASOS is way ahead of trends, based on the fact that this is the third jacket I’ve had on the list, yes?

ASOS Faux Fur Trimmed Duffle (ASOS, $93)

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Make that four, with the addition of this adorable cream coat.

Helene Berman Oyster Coat With Faux Fur Cuff (ASOS, $197)

image1xxl (4)

No wait, five. This is probably the only time I’ll advocate leopard print fur on a coat, save for that time when I was 7 and made my mom buy me a fully-leopard-print faux fur coat.

Nuage Women’s Plus Size ‘Zurich’ Puffer Coat (Overstock, $180)


I never thought that I’d love a puffer coat with faux fur cuffs but here we are…

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