In the past few months we’ve seen a lot of things to show that maybe the Mayans were right in their assessment that world is going to end in December of 2012 (although now this is being rebuffed by experts.) Between people like Tan Mom, face-eating zombies and Lindsay Lohan actually getting work again, it’s been a strange year to say the least.

But now, in something directly out of a horror movie or your worst nightmare, we have Kim Kardashian on the cover of New York Magazine‘s Fall Fashion issue. What the fucking fuck? Anna Wintour would not approve of this move! Anna Wintour is supposed to be in charge of all fashion-related decisions even when it doesn’t concern Vogue. Yes, this world is falling apart so rapidly that it’s best to take cover now and hope for a speedy and painless demise.

It seems that even NY Mag itself is questioning their choice as you’ll notice in the headline (that, I’m sure, is meant to sell even more copies): “Does Kim Kardashian Belong On The Cover Of A Fashion Magazine?” I’m sure we all know what the answer is to that question, but let’s not allow it to ruin our Sunday by getting into semantics.

In case you missed it, last year’s New York Magazine‘s Fall Fashion issue had Andrej Pejic on the cover which, in the world of fashion, makes complete sense. Kim Kardashian, who’s obviously known for a lot of things, isn’t known for her style. She’s basically just known for being a conniving, manipulative fraud.

Nice work, New York Magazine! I really hope you make some mad cash off this issue, because your integrity just went out the window.


Photo: Julia Chesky/BlackberryVision via Styleite