G by GUESS really knows how to tickle my fancy. Not only are the items very affordable, they’re so very stylish too. Take a look at these two G by GUESS Boston Belted Wool Coats. You can pick from either white, black, or plaid.



How gorgeous are these belted wool coats? Each coat is in double-breasted design with four front pockets and the oh-so-chic and stylish belted detail. They used to be $129 but are now on sale for $97.13 each. Pick from either Plaid, Black, or White. This is a promo sale p[rice so make sure to take advantage of it fast before it goes back to the original price. You don’t want to pass up looking stylish with any of these coats on. They can make a jean or dress outfit very fashionable and well, they’ll keep you warm and cozy too.

(Images : G by GUESS)