2016 has already proven itself to be a major year for fashion bloggers. Nicolette Mason is launching her own capsule collection with Addition Elle, and Formula X has tapped bloggers Aimee SongPatrick Starr, and Emily Schumann of Cupcakes and Cashmere to curate monthly nail polish collections. Seeing as we’re only 12 days in, it was always bound to get better, and that’s exactly what’s happened: GabiFresh‘s latest plus size swimwear collection for Swimsuitsforall has officially launched!

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If you thought January was a weird time for a swimwear line to launch, you’d be kind of right, I guess wrong. This is blogger Gabi Gregg‘s fourth collaboration with, and each of them have debuted around this time, giving you ample time to plan your summer vacation wardrobe. This year’s campaign for GabiFresh for Swim Sexy is a particular kind of fierce, with Gregg taking her rightful place as the plus size fashion queen:

gabifresh queen

(Photo: Courtesy of Swimsuitsforall)

The styles are similar to those of the past, but include some updated features to reflect the times and trends, including low-waisted bikinis for the ladies who are tired of the age-old high-waisted silhouette so often found in plus size swimwear lines. Gregg told Refinery29,

“My collection is never really super cohesive, partially because there are so few options for plus-sized women; I like to really use my platform and collection as a way to service many different tastes. They’re all statement pieces and head-turners with cool details.”

Essentially, this collection is doing exactly what the plus size community wants and needs: offering a line of clothes that, while plus in size, are of the same design as all straight-size clothes. Plus, Gabi emphasized her desire to create a line that celebrates bigger bodies, rather than seeking to hide or cover them:

“There are fashion-forward, trendy girls who love showing skin and aren’t ashamed of their bodies; these bathing suits are really for those girls.”

The GabiFresh for Swim Sexy 2016 line includes caftans and one- and two-piece swimsuits available in sizes 12-24, with tops going up to an H cup for the more well-endowed among us. Just one look at the styles will show you that they live up to their regal names. Here are some of my faves:

The Empress ($98)

the empress

The pattern on this one is just stunning. Seriously, if it came in dress form, it’s all I would wear.

The Baroness ($98)

the baroness

I’ve never been happier to see mesh panels on a piece of clothing.

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The Tsarina ($98)

the tsarina

This is the right kind of low-waisted bathing suit. It’s definitely a hip-hugger, but it’s not so low that you’ll feel like you need to tug it up every 10 minutes.

The Marchioness ($98)

the marchioness

Remember that time I said I had never been happier to see mesh panels on a piece of clothing? I liked. Now I’ve never been happier to see mesh panels on a piece of clothing.

The Queen ($98)

the queen

This suit is certainly fit for a queen.

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