Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy SwimsuitsforallIt’s now January, which means it is officially time for every magazine on the marget to start informing you that your thighs, stomach, and arms need to get “bikini ready” before it’s too late…OR ELSE! But in reality, aiming for a specific look can be discouraging and dangerous. Why not just wear a bathing suit that perfectly fits the body you already have? While most of the market has apparently not gotten the memo yet that millions and millions of paying customers are plus size, fashion blogger Gabi Gregg aka GabiFresh has been collaborating with retailer Swimsuitsforall‘s Swim Sexy label for the past couple of years to change all that.

In 2014, we were introduced to Gabi’s so-called “fatkinis,” i.e. two-piece bathing suits for sizes 12 – 24 with tops that go up to an F cup. They were different than 95% of the swimsuits we’ve seen on the plus size market–they actually were cute, sexy, and fun. And guess what? Summer 2015 is even better!

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This year, Gabi and Swimsuitsforall are back for some more amazing fun in the sun with gorgeous new designs that fit lots of different personalities. The retailer also allows you to choose a different top size and bottom size–an option that is oddly rare among many swimsuit sellers. Oh, and did I mention they’re affordable?

Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy Ad Bikini(Iridescence Underwire High Waist Bikini, $68.80)

In a society where so many women are told that their bodies cannot possibly be “bikini bodies” because they do not look like standard-size runway models, it is so important to have (A) famous, awesome, ridiculously stylish blogger role models for all us normals and (B) a company willing to create wonderful lines that include two-piece swimsuits specifically for plus size women. But here’s the other awesome thing: they’re not marketing them the same sad way so many retailers do for plus size clothes.

Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy Ad Bikini(Paradise Found Underwire One Piece, $68.80)

Rather than showing bored or nervous women trying to figure out how to “flatter” her body like it’s something that needs to be covered up, tucked in, or concealed to the point where it’s basically not even there anymore, Swimsuitsforall shows its lovely bikini model happily hanging around by the pool looking sexy and having a good time.

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Though we still have a loooong way to go on the fashion front regarding a variety of body types being shown in ad campaigns, on runways, and in editorials, it is great that there are some designers creating beautiful garments for all their customers.

Be sure to check out the whole line over at Swimsuitsforall! The collection goes live January 19th, but you can pre-order now, and we’re guessing these will sell out quick. Hope on it, ladies!

[h/t Refinery29]