Remember yesterday, when we told you about a new trend in which pieces of shoes are haphazardly left out? And remember how the epitome of the trend was Lady Gaga’s heel-less platforms? Well, guess what? Posh did it first!

The ladies of Go Fug Yourself have the whole thing documented in this post from September of 2008. Posh’s shoes are exactly the same as Gaga’s — same color, same design. And look at her — casually standing there with Becks as if she hasn’t a care in the world. Oh, these heel-less shoes? No big deal. Nothing to see here, folks.

I wonder if any other of Gaga’s looks have been done before. And, as an aside, kudos to Posh for not even saying anything along the lines of, “Hey, bitches! I rocked that look two years ago!” She’s just too classy for that shit.

[Images via Go Fug Yourself]