Holy shit, guys. We’ve just hit the mother lode of never-before-seen 1960s and 70s style photos. It comes in the form of a whole bunch of “audition” Polaroids from a SoCal strip club an anonymous Flickr user (supposedly) purchased for all of $10. Looking through the pictures, I’m struck by how very un-stripper-like many of the women seem. Why, some of the photos could even be mistaken for senior portraits. Others are more vampy; I wonder if they were more likely to be chosen than the innocent looking ones? One thing’s for certain: with stripper clothes of yesteryear looking as cool as they did, it’s not hard to see why people like Dita Von Teese are trying to bring some retro glamor back to the ol’ titty bar.

(Via Flavorwire)[ITPGallery]