Too many Americans don’t know about the incredible “chav” phenomenon. I heard about it a while back but had a pretty inaccurate understanding, namely that chavs were just British white trash or perhaps more to the point, an English version of a what is sometimes (tastelessly) referred to as a “wigger.” But I was wrong!

Yes, “chav” is a pejorative and smacks of elitist disdain for middle class youth culture, but there are plenty of middle class kids in London who aren’t remotely chavvy. Chavs are unique; their identity can’t really be explained by comparison. Let me run through a couple important things about them: they love Burberry print, fake tans, gold chains, drum & bass, hoop earrings, SUV’s, two-tone hair, belly shirts (and belly piercings), and mobile phones. But combine it all and you get something distinctly Chav.

So, for today’s fashion gallery, I’m offering up some fascinating images of that rare creature across the pond. When you’re done, enjoy an excellent chav parody, “Donny Soldier,” below. All the girls are lezzin’, indeed.