I have this thing with shoes. You know, like in the Liam Show’s shoe video? But since I moved to New York and have been walking everywhere, I’ve destroyed my feet. Apparently cute shoes aren’t comfortable. My feet are cut up, bruised, blistered, callused and in a gross amount of pain from even just wearing flats. But am I willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort? No. Especially not in the shoe department. The stock of “comfort shoes” that are actually cute is slim. Most comfort shoe brands make frumpy shoes that most nurses would wear. Comfort brands make shoes with heels as thick as my thighs and for some reason, tend to run a little more pricey than preferred. I guess it’s all the supportive material that ups the cost and perhaps comfort shoes last longer too. Blisstree recently posted about how the French shoe brand, Arche, makes cute, wearable flats and boots. So maybe there is hope for us in pain. Maybe I should take the plunge and risk being fashion roadkill to save myself from actually being roadkill by not being able to cross the street in time because my feet are throbbing. I searched high and low across the Internet to find a good variety of comfort shoes (all for under $200) that could actually be mistaken for cute … or I’m just trying too hard.[ITPGallery]