Being from Boston, the preppy aesthetic is part of my genetic make-up. I don’t usually rock it, but when I see it, I immediately smell crisp fall leaves, feel a chill in the air and briefly see baby Jesus in the manger.

I’ve had to let that feeling go, for the most part, in my adopted city of Los Angeles. But last night, at the launch for “True Prep,” Lisa Birnbach’s sequel to her 1980’s preppy guide, “The Official Preppy Handbook,” I was surrounded once again by that cheerful, exclusive look, and for one fleeting moment, I felt at home again.

So much navy! So much glorious, cozy gray! So much sense! The event was held at Brooks Brothers — natch — and there were a few critical take-aways for anyone hoping to get on board with the “new old,” and rock the preppy look and lifestyle: