This week, photographer-to-the B-list-stars Tyler Shields continued his quest to become the poor man’s Terry Richardson (did you know such a thing was possible?) by convincing Mischa Barton to interact with a steak in various ways. In a new series of photos he posted on his blog, Mischa can be seen alternately salivating over the meat like a dog, and holding it to her face like someone just gave her a black eye. Really, dude? Are you sure you don’t want to show her serving it to a guy in a suit while wearing only an apron and fuck-me heels, as well? Or perhaps shoving it into her various orifices? It’s so edgy when people glorify the misogyny that’s dominated the status quo for hundreds of years.

It would seem Shields has amassed quite the stable of admirers, so as with his Lindsay Lohan shoot, I’ve appended comments from his blog post to each picture. As Tyler says, “You will never get what you want if your [sic.] scared to ask for it.” Enjoy!

(Via Tyler Shields)[ITPGallery]