Spring is finally upon us, and I know I’m not alone in my desire to slough off the black-on-grey-on-black look that has defined my wardrobe for the past few months. However, I’m not willing to fall into the ubiquitous “florals for spring” trap yet again; something new needs to happen. One thing that attacked the runway this season was head-to-toe bright, monochromatic color. Although this might seem too extreme to translate into your closet, there are definitely ways to make it look fierce and innovative. Be careful though, lest you wind up looking like a remnant of the Cubist movement.

The Dutch painter Piet Mondrian may have been a pioneer in non-representational art in Paris in the early 20th century. But far too often, his influence is terribly visible in wardrobes today. Although his work is art, Mondrian’s work should hang on your walls, not your body. Just say no to neo-plasticism.


(Top Photo: playwright_bo)