As the self-proclaimed queen of garbage chic, Ke$ha is not the first person you’d expect to see on the cover of a high fashion glossy like V. Nonetheless, she’s the cover story of the summer 2012 “Americana” issue, which I enjoyed reading as I actually think Ke$ha’s pretty okay. I’m not a huge fan of her music, but she seems to have a sense of humor about herself and an impish impulse to undercut the traditional “sexy pop star” archetype at every turn, which seems vaguely subversive in a way that’s age appropriate for her teen fans. As such, she (and her makeup artist) managed to take the majestic flag of our great nation and transmogrify it into something vaguely crass, kitschy and Juggalo-esque, demonstrating the ultimate hollowness of the American dream, or something.

(Via Popdust)