This Halloween, forget dressing up as a buxom bunny or tempting tigress. Those animal outfits have nothing on transforming yourself into a sex kitten like Marilyn Monroe. If you’ve been tentative about trying mid-century fashions, the holiday gives you a perfect excuse to unleash your inner Joan Holloway.

But how do you bring 1960’s starlet style to 2010? Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, whose style guide, The Fashion File, was released October 25th , offers some advice. She claims, “It’s not all about the wiggles dress! There are so many different shapes in the period – from shirtwaist dresses to sundresses and fun skirts, and even structural garments like the ones Givenchy was doing at the time – that can accommodate any silhouette.”

Below, Bryant offer her tips to help you recreate some classic period looks that are sure to make women look glamorous on any hallowed eve: