No one ever said that modeling was easy. Glamorous definitely, but not easy. Between constantly being on the move from shows to photo shoots, and being judged because of your looks alone, it can’t be an easy task. Despite the access to all those clothes, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a model.

While some shoots require models to contort themselves, jump up or into weird things, other ones look so relaxing! It’s as though they’re channeling Marie Antoinette as they lounge perfectly on these couches where you know for a fact that right out of view is someone just standing there to wait on them hand and foot. OK, so maybe I would want to be a model — for a like a few days.

In the July/August edition of Jalouse, Natalia Vodianova does a lot of lying around. Granted her gorgeously long legs are propped up and even look suspended in some photos (magic with Photoshop!), she overall looks very much at peace and cozy on her red couch. Although I imagine when she did finally stand up afterward, it was a bitch to walk in those platform shoes she has on her feet.

Take a look at these photos and let me know if you see anything reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. But perhaps, I’m not seeing clearly because it’s a million degrees here and my imaginary assistant refuses to stand over me with a palm to fan me. I have also taken it upon myself to interpret Vodianova’s thought process in each one of these photos, so as to take any complication out of the scenarios.

Photos: Jalouse