This week we learned that the focus of next year’s Met Gala will be a retrospective of work by the late, great Alexander McQueen. The news inspired me to go through the McQueen archives and try and narrow down some of his finest moments. I was shooting for 10–which you can tell I didn’t hit–though I doubt I’d be satisfied with a limit of 50, as McQueen will always be one of my absolute favorites. There will never be anyone quite like him again.

So for today’s fashion gallery I present my personal favorite moments in McQueen, weighted heavily toward his namesake line.

Please note that there details included here that weren’t necessarily McQueen’s specific doing–like the hair at Givenchy Fall ’97 or those astonishing Phillip Treacy-designed headpieces from Spring 2008–but they were all inarguably part of McQueen’s vision, and were in fact remarkable moments that occurred on his runway, so I felt it appropriate to include them.

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