Although we’ve speculated in the past that Amy Winehouse‘s fall 2011 collection was the last one she designed for Fred Perry, it turns out there’s one more. The British fashion house released 14 items from Winehouse’s spring 2012 collection for sale online today to coincide with with the release of her posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures. (The rest will be released closer to, you guessed it, spring 2012.) Much more colorful than the fall collection that came out shortly after her death, these pieces are inspired by “Amy’s love of 50s Americana and art deco Miami” and include lots of pinks, blues, and whimsical prints. The portion of the proceeds that would have gone to Amy will go instead to her posthumous foundation to help young people struggling with addiction. Out of respect for the recently dead, I will present the teaser collection sans my usual rough-and-tumble japery.

(Via The Cut)