Wednesday Addams: I love you, girl. I definitely identified with you as a kid, thanks to Christina Ricci’s severe, dry and morbid portrayal in The Addams Family movies (sidenote: I also grew up thinking Gomez and Morticia had the best, most loving and functional relationship ever, and every little girl should hope to find her Gomez someday).

Anyway. Wednesday also looks rad. Though she is not immune to the sexy Halloween costume treatment (ew), she’s an affordable easy costume to assemble from your closet: all you need is some combination of braided pigtails, high-necked shirts or pilgrim collars, knee-length black pleated skirts, black tights, Mary Janes, and a little white powder dashed over the face for paleness.

So, with Halloween this weekend, let’s celebrate this oddball fashion icon.

[Photos from Givenchy’s Spring RTW show via]