As you’ve no doubt already heard, American Apparel doesn’t want any of this new breed of “ugly people” working for them. They also don’t want people who wear Crocs. Now, to be fair, no one wants people who wear Crocs (except for gardeners and gnome organizations). But American Apparel seemingly goes above and beyond in insuring that everyone they hire has the American Apparel “look.” And by “look” I guess we mean “appropriate footwear.” According to some of the employees Gawker spoke with:

“They routinely denied applications based on looks or shoes.”

“The response from one of Dov’s favored models, who is also a hiring manager, was incredibly rude.Her response concerning my friend was as follows: “Her hair is bad, and I think that I can see a nose piercing. Also, she’s not wearing our best styles. She will not be considered.”
[And after the employee asked the manager to reconsider]:

“It’s not a matter of change, its a matter of taste. We are looking for fashion leaders, not fashion laggers.”

I am almost 100% sure that the last girl was a member of the Fashion Club on Daria. Anyhow, what should you wear? This, according to the recommended list for AA employees:

Vintage heels

Vintage shoes


Boat shoes

Sperry Loafers (especially for guys)

American Apparel shoes

“White Keds are allowed as long as they’re impeccably clean.”

We’ve provided some pictures along with style tips that we think we really help you impress Dov Charney, and will maybe even make him publicly masturbate in front of you. [ITPGallery]