This Game of Thrones inspired jewelry by Cadsawan is surprisingly lovely!

If, like Ashley, you are always worried about how the dragons are making out, then you may really appreciate these earrings. Because then you can carry dragon eggs safely around, on your ears. Although you will have to worry about them falling out and breaking, constantly.

earringsSo, if that’s too much pressure for you, as a super neurotic mother of dragons, or some kind of helicopter dragon parent, there’s a bracelet that depicts a fully grown dragon. So, that might be better, then.

This is a fully grown dragon:


It is, however, eating its own tail, so I guess there’s still going to be some stuff for you to worry about.

And if neither of those satisfy you, HBO is offering up this mockingjay pin, which apparently is modeled off the one Littlefinger wears:


That is available for $14.99. Somehow, I feel the fact that it’s being sold that cheaply would upset the character.

That said, I am still waiting for a cameo of Circe’s face on a cameo, so I can draw inspiration from her all the time. Kind of a joke. Kind of not a joke. She does have magnificent cheekbones.