Premiere of the third season of HBO Series 'Game of Thrones'

The Game of Thrones premiere went down in LA last night and, we must admit, we don’t really recognize any of these people outside their costumes!

Well, perhaps more accurately, we don’t recognize anyone because we stopped watching the show after the first season (it was so stressful!).

Anyway, here’s what they wore on the red carpet.

Emilia ClarkeOkay. Sorry. We need to break from fashion coverage for a moment and just say Emilia Clarke is so hot it’s stupid. It’s dumbfounding. LOOK AT HER.

Her dress isn’t doing much for us, although it’s tasteful and pretty.

But her eyebrows? Her skin? Everything? She can do whatever she damn well pleases.

Michelle ForbesMichelle Forbes (‘ stylist) decided that–because the dress is so demure and simple–to get a POP! OF! COLOR! with the heels.

It didn’t work because it never works.

Janina Gavankar Game of ThronesJanina Gavankar came dressed as an early 00’s Bebe mannequin.

Gwendoline Christie Game of ThronesWhy not, Gwendoline Christie?

Rose LeslieA lot of very unfussy dresses tonight, probably because people are so used to seeing the actors in elaborate dress. Rose Leslie wore green.

Michelle FairleyAs was the case with Michelle Fairley, too.

Liking her minimal white dress but have no idea why those shoes were selected to go with it.

Alison PillAlison Pill looks so fresh and Spring-y and pretty!

But what’s with all the heavy, complicated shoes, stylists?

Nathalie EmmanuelLiking Nathalie Emmanuel‘s beautiful hair and bold lip, not crazy about her baroque mini and heavy platforms.

Amanda PeetAmanda Peet, for some reason!

Esma BiancoToo much going on with Esma Bianco‘s look–yet again, the shoes aren’t helping matters.

Natalia TenaAssorted problems here, on Natalia Tena, but let’s just chalk it up to the shoes again.

Sophie TurnerIt’s like they all got together and decided looks should be “insanely over-the-top with mismatching heels and crazy prints and textures” or “so far under the radar that many of these looks would be Church-appropriate.” Sophie Turner chose option 2.

Oona ChaplinBut… Oona Chaplin chose a weird combination of both!Lena HeadeyAs did Lena Headey.

We were going to give this look low marks but then we saw this photo: Game of ThronesAnd couldn’t really resist her HBIC glamor.

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams is adorable.

Sibel KekilliAnd Sibel Kekilli is regal, if not a little swallowed.

Natalie DormerPerhaps only Natalie Dormer balanced out “too much” and “too little” by going for “bold but minimal” in Roland Mouret. Good job!


Natalie Dormer

And kudos to your stylist for not throwing on glittery gladiator sandals for no good goddamn reason.

(All photos via Wenn)