You couldn’t get anymore iconic than Gap in the 1990s.  The logo hoodies. The body products. The ads. The brand was the definition of ’90s cool and it was nigh impossible to walk down a street without spotting at least three Gap logo hoodies.

As much as we love Gap’s modern collections, many of us are still wistful for the 90s Gap era. If you’re one of those people, you’re going to be very excited. The brand is having an “ultimate #tbt” and relaunching some of its iconic styles from the 1990s.

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That’s right, it is time to get ready for some major nostalgic vibes. Gap made the announcement on Instagram that it is launching  the Archive Reissue collection on February 7 in select stores and online. The video features none other than Naomi Campbell rocking a classic white pocket T-shirt and denim shorts.

We don’t get a clear glimpse of the limited edition collection, but from the short video, we can see that there are logos aplenty and the classic cargo pants. And was that a Gap hoodie that we saw in there?

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Fingers crossed that Gap surprises us with some of our old favorite beauty products from the 1990s and a massive commercial to go along with the collection for all the nostalgic feels.

The Gap The Archive Reissue collection will launch on February 7.