Remember all of amazing Gap ads of the 1990s and 2000s? They actually made us look forward to commercials. Plus, the campaigns themselves became as iconic as the clothes thanks to killer dance moves, music and celebrities. The brand has recently dropped a new campaign for its Logo Remixed collection and it is going to make you have all the nostalgic feels.

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The ad campaign and collection blend old and new as Gap celebrates almost 50 years of the iconic Gap logo. The collection itself features the Gap logo remixed in new and interesting ways. Think a supersized Gap logo from the 90s covering most of a T-shirt to a color-blocked hoodie with a contrasting kangaroo pocket with the Gap logo printed across it.

As for the campaign, it features some fresh faces including SZAAwkwafina and Miles Heizer. Gap released some images on Instagram, and in true Gap form, everyone appears to be getting their grove on.

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If you want to see the full commercial, make sure that you tune into the Grammy Awards on Sunday, January 28 because it will air then.

If you want to expand your collection of Gap merch, you can shop the logo remix collection beginning online on January 27. It will then launch in stores on January 29.

The Gap Logo Remix collection will launch on January 27 online and January 29 in stores with the commercial launching January 28 during the Grammys.