Celebrated street style photographer and fashion illustrator Garance Dore posted today about how to catch the attention of street style photogs (including herself) during the Paris shows. Here are some of her choice tricks for “unleashing your inner Anna Dello Russo”:

Wear big sunglasses / Wear big corrective glasses / Wear a big hat —> The less you’re seen, the more you’re wanted.

Wear heels. Super high ones OR/AND super bizarre OR/AND super colorful. If the heel is made of an old doorknob / legos / a stuffed animal, +2 pts.

Mix improbable prints. [Ed. Note: God she is so right]

Don’t platter yourself up, meaning, don’t just stand there in the position TAKE MY PICTURE in front of a show. Let yourself be desired. Or hey, even be uncooperative, it’ll make getting a good picture that much better – Everyone wants to get the perfect picture of Anna Wintour because she would never stop to have her picture taken.

If they ask who you are, pretend like you can’t speak English, or French, or Japanese, or anything really. Just say your name and let them imagine you are the editor in chief of Vogue from the Federated States of Micronesia.

See her full list of suggestions over at her blog.