All The Ridiculous Myths About Gay People Summed Up On One Amazing ShirtThere are innumerable myths, misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding LGBTQ communities. From the idea that all bisexual people are simply confused to the “it’s a lifestyle choice” theory, there’s seemingly no end to the ill-conceived myths about folks who don’t fit into a straight, cisgender box. Enter: The shirt above.

The t-shirt, originally posted to the Our Time Facebook page, lists several myths surrounding gay people that need to be eradicated immediately.

We want to sleep with you. You can spot us a mile away. One is a male, one is a female. We can’t have children. We can’t be monogamous. We’re all into leather or feathers. We have a choice. We want to convert your children. We hate the opposite sex. We don’t have long-term relationships. We had overbearing mothers and under-caring fathers. We’re not entitled to equal rights. It’s a sickness and we can be ‘cured.’ We are all alike. Our lives are tragic stories. We’re all promiscuous. We can change. It’s a phase. We’re pedophiles. We just haven’t met the right man/woman yet. The only thing that makes us different is what we do in bed. We flaunt our sexuality. We’re the cause of AIDS.

Whoa. The shirt’s text really goes all across the board, from incredibly serious misconceptions (“we’re the cause of AIDS”) to obnoxious ones (“we’re all into leather or feathers”) to ones that even people who often mean well still believe (“one is a male, one is a female”). Our Time also added an excellent bonus as its caption: “Also, gay people do not cry rainbows. FACT.”

It is exhausting for anybody who has ever been stereotyped or generalized to attempt to dispel these types of negative, destructive myths, so creating a t-shirt that just stops those ideas in their path makes a whole lot of sense. Obviously, none of us are naive enough to believe that a single shirt will end homophobia, but if it does make at least one person who may not have known better think, Oh, maybe I should really stop saying one member of the relationship ‘wears the pants,’ then that would be wonderful. I would also add “just because you know two people who dig the same sex doesn’t mean you should set them up,” but that seems long-winded and it probably wouldn’t quite fit on the shirt. (But still, it would sure be nice if people stopped assuming every pair of friends or acquaintances who are both interested in the same sex would “SO PERF” for one another.)

Anyway, this shirt is fantastic. While Our Time doesn’t list where you can purchase it, if we find out, we will surely let you know! Judging by the fact that the image already has over 6,000 shares, I bet the maker would have a whole lot of customers.