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Geology of Shoes from Petr Krejčí on Vimeo.

We recently showcased a video explanation of how vibrators are made, so today let’s take a turn in the fashion direction and learn a little bit about what it takes to make your feet’s BFFs – shoes! One of Vimeo’s latest “Staff Picks” is called “Geology Of Shoes” and provides a captivating look at the craftsmanship that goes into making one seriously awesome looking set of kicks.

The shoes and video concept come from footwear designer Barbora Veselá, whose website “About” page states: “Playful and inquisitive thinking brought into old craftsmanship is what makes her work strong and unique.” That is just so spot on with what is happening in this video.

It’s less step-by-step explanations for the viewer, but more of an immersion in the whole creative process from start to finish. Not only do you see the shoemaking steps, but also beautiful shots of the natural erosion and maps that the Vimeo description notes inspired the shoes’ look.

All of this is set to a relaxing piano soundtrack, so you can just zone out and appreciate the process to get these shoes made. I was sad to see it end, so here is to hoping that Veselá decides to do a sequel for another one of her designs. In the mean time, I just can’t be held responsible if you feel compelled to do some shoe shopping after watching.

(via Vimeo Staff Picks)