Ok, this is not advice that every guy can follow, but it is in style if you can pull it off. The unshaven look. What I like to call the “scruffy” look.

cmurrayI can admire the look on some guys, but I am not the biggest fan of it (I dislike the way it feels!). However, when done right, on the right face type and with proper grooming, it can lend a sense of mystery and “rough guy” look to even the nicest outfit – quite the lovely contrast.

Who can pull it off?

People who really suit the unshaven look are guys with more square, or angular faces. People like Chad Michael Murray (shown) or Hugh Laurie (House). If you have a really strong jaw line, this will likely work for you. I would not suggest it for guys with overly round faces or for guys whose facial hair is sparse or too light.

Warning: This is not a look I’d suggest for a job interview, but it might just work on a first date.

How to get there

Easy, let your hair grow. Carefully. Make sure it grows evenly, and keep it neat and clean. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed and were too lazy to shave. You want to look like you made a determined effort to make a style statement.

The unshaven look still means you have to shave!

Despite its appearance, the unshaven look is actually achieved with effort. You have to shave your neck each and every day, as well as the areas on your cheekbones. It’s more of a sculpted area that you let grow out, than the whole thing. Some guys go much lower on the cheek, leaving only a small trail up to the sideburns – if you have thinner hair in the lower cheek area, this could work better for you.

Remember – when it gets too long, trim or start over.


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