Swarovski Sparkles In The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I’ve always said that Christmas is the sexiest of holidays, given the sexy elves and weird mall Santas trying to cop a feel from said sexy elves. So why not buy your loved ones some sexy lingerie for Christmas?

Maybe I’m a weird freak, but I don’t think it’s weird to buy this stuff for your close friends. I actually feel like it’d be more off-putting to receive this from my boyfriend, because I think of lingerie as something that’s for me. I almost separate it completely from sex–lingerie is for wearing and feeling pretty in on special occasions (or just a Tuesday when you need a pick-me-up). It’s an unbelievably beautiful type of clothing, so why should we talk about it/share with our girlfriends and sisters?

I went to a bridal shower recently where we all brought lingerie as gifts, and at first I thought it would be painfully awkward to watch the bride open up sexy undies in front her mom and grandma. But it ended up being unbelievably fun and wonderful–we all brought beautiful pieces and it became this strange bonding experience for everyone in the room. So I am arguing for lingerie to become an acceptable gift for women, from women, instead of some weird secretive thing we all giggle about and buy in secret.

Our Lingerie Gift Guide has items at every price point (seriously!), from the shockingly affordable to high end items in the $100-range. These aren’t t-shirt bras. They’re not bras and tights and undies that you need. Instead, this is the stuff you want. Or at least we want.

Photo: Getty Images