gigi and tommy

(Photo: Instagram/TommyHilfiger)

When it was revealed back in December that supermodel Gigi Hadid was collaborating with designer Tommy Hilfiger, everyone already wanted to add their name to a waiting list. It was a match that had to happen because it could not be any more perfect. What could be better than the all-American model working with the all-American designer? Not to mention that it was further proof that Gigi is on a mission to take over the world with one fashion job at a time.

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The announcement did not give many details about the collaboration. They stated that Gigi Hadid was hired as a global ambassador for the brand. However, they wanted to do something different so the were working on a Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger line.Tommy HIlfiger Gigi Hadid

(Photo: Snapchat/ItsGigiHadid)

Now we have a first look at the collection. If you follow Gigi on Instagram, you will know that she has been shooting the campaign for the range. Ever the social medial-savvy person, Gigi took to Snapchat to give us a sneak peek of the upcoming line. Gigi uploaded a photo of a series of  patches lined up neatly with “Sneak Peek: #TommyxGigi” written across it. The patches have an All-American color palette of dark blue, white and red. There are some classic shapes along with a few nautical and aviation details. There are also a few embroidered with H’s which work for both “Hadid” and “Hilfiger.”

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When you first look at the photo, you might be scratching your head and be thinking, “Patches?! Really?!” but they make total sense. The patches fit into Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy, collegiate style. Remember this is the man who recreated a football field for one of his New York Fashion Week runway shows.

Plus, if Gigi thinks it is a good idea, we should all be following suit. She is the one that showed us how chic post-gym outfits can be. Case in point: Her love of mixing sweatpants and high heels. Furthermore, she has showed that metallic jumpsuits can actually be quite cool and not look like disco Halloween costumes.

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Of course it would have been nice to see some actual clothes for the sneak peek, but this still gives us a good idea of where the collection is going. If the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger line is anything like Tommy Hilfiger’s throwback capsule collection with My Theresa, it is going to be an instant hit. For the next taster of the collection, make sure you keep your eyes glued on Gigi’s Snapchat. You do not want to miss anything.