Do you ever look at paparazzi photos of Lady Gaga and think, “I wish those clothes were available online so I could dress like a pantsless asshole from Mars, too”? Well, now they are! To some degree, at least. HollywoodLife announced yesterday that Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti has curated two “flash sales” for the luxury shopping site Gilt Groupe, which will take place the week of May 23 (not coincidentally, the same week Born This Way comes out). There will be items for both women and men, which sort of makes me wonder: if a guy is like, super into Lady Gaga’s clothes, mightn’t he be more into dressing up like Gaga herself than some inferior male version of her? Just sayin’.

Regardless: the sale will incorporate many “signature items,” like Gaga’s glasses from the video for “Just Dance” and her cane from the video for “Bad Romance.” And if none of these things sound like they’re really your style, the site will also have downloads of the new album for sale, as well as tickets to Mommy Monster’s upcoming tour. I predict these will be significantly cheaper than the cheapest wearable item.