When you think back to your prom, what comes to mind? Corsages? Tiaras? Bad synth music? Dancing awkwardly in the arms of your sweaty teenage date while your gym teacher looks on from the chaperones’ table? Guns and ammo and the cakes that resemble them?

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about this country, and near the top of that list is the South’s fetishistic obsession with weaponry. It’s something that just doesn’t compute in my mind… but on days like this, I’m glad it exists. Because multiple girls have had the idea to put on cute prom dresses and hold guns, The Gloss proudly presents: The 10 Cutest Photos Of Girls In Prom Dresses Holding Guns.

“How do you want people to remember you after you graduate?” “As someone who was never ashamed to display the flag of the Confederate States of America.”

While I can’t say I understand the whole camouflage thing, I admire her commitment to making the accessories and the shoes work together. She knows what she’s doing.

Good thinking, girl. If you’re gonna spend a ton of money on a dress, make sure it blends into the woods. Never go to prom unprepared to hide from deer. And you never know when you’ll need to make a stealthy escape through the trees.

This is the most romantic and terrifying thing I’ve seen all day. Now that we have the picture, let’s go ahead and slowly put the guns down. Let’s… let’s just put them down, yeah?

Now I’m super bummed that all I did before my prom was go to Olive Garden. Why didn’t we think to grab some weaponry for the road?

This color really works for her. So does the barbed wire in the background. So does the giant ass gun.

She looks pretty awesome, actually. I just hope no Hunger Games tributes were harmed in the making of this photograph.

This one speaks for itself.

You don’t want to show up at prom empty-handed when all the other girls thought to bring freshly-skinned muskrats.

she's got serious guns

What else are you gonna call these? She looks awesome.