Girls Season 3 premiere

You know how big movies often do several premieres in different countries? Apparently, HBO’s Girls is doing that, too, so after its star-studded New York premiere featuring the likes of Anna Wintour and Karlie Kloss, it held a second premiere in London last night. The fashion choices of its casts have often been controversial, to say the least, so let’s take a look at the ones from Wednesday evening and find out whether or not they did better abroad than stateside. (Spoiler alert: unfortunately, they did not.)

Zosia Mamet Girls season 3

Not feeling Zosia Mamet‘s Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit. I’m normally all about jumpsuits, but it looks bizarre–particularly around the torso–and she went unreasonably heavy on her eye makeup:

Zosia Mamet makeup Girls

Piling on making rarely compliments a look unless it’s a costume party or Halloween. Plus, I’m not too keen on her hair, either; some messiness can be good, but this looks like she hasn’t taken a shower or brushed it in a couple days.

Laura Whitmore Girls season 3 premiere

Oh no! Laura Whitmore forgot to wear pants! I hate it when that happens!

Ashley Roberts Girls season 3 premiere

Ashley Roberts, what’s going on here? The lipstick feels a tad too bright for the outfit (it’s possible to wear “radiant orchid,” but opaquely, it must be style really well). The whole look seems like it’s trying to be more risky and exciting than it actually is.

Felicty Jones Girls season 3 UK premiere

Felicity Jones looked really lovely in a simple pants and shirt combo.

Allison Williams Girls red carpet

Allison Williams just seems like she’s trying so hard to have an interesting, unique, fun style lately, but she winds up overkilling it and doing too much. This Alexander McQueen dress is all right, but halters are almost universally ugly and lame. Plus, the bright red lipstick is too matchy-matchy. There’s nothing fun about this outfit, it just looks like she’s desperate to be on Dancing With The Stars.

Allison Williams makeup Girls


Lena Dunham Girls season 3

I’m all about Lena Dunham‘s outfit. As anybody who’s ever existed ever has said: I love dresses with pockets. They’re fantastic. They’re convenient–though I never wind up putting anything in the pockets for fear of staining them–and adorable. This number from Erdem is super cute, especially with Louboutins on her feet. I don’t mind her bright lipstick; I think it works really well with the black and white of the rest of her outfit.

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