Okay, so she’s not actually stoned (that we know of). But she looks like she just took several gravity bong hits, no? Is this how being pregnant makes you feel all the time? If so, count me in!

The latest issue of Vice Magazine features an interview with GirlsJemima Kirke, who thus far seems to be winning the prize for “least currently like her character,” what with her stable marriage and affinity for motherhood. The interview doesn’t tell us much we couldn’t have guessed about Jemima, but the author does make sure to include that she knows her from when they were both trust fund kids running around New York City snorting coke while peeing in the bathrooms of cool bars like a couple of hipster Serena Van Der Woodsens. And that Jemima disagrees with the conventional wisdom that New York [rich] kids are fucked up in a very special and unique way. (She’s wrong.)

The article is accompanied by photos of Jemima shot by Richard Kern, which manage to make someone who’s unfairly and ridiculously pretty look super tired and stoned, but somehow also sexual in an intentionally gross way. On the one hand, I appreciate any depiction of pregnancy that goes against the annoying stereotype of the glowing, desexualized, joyful mother just bursting to water birth her truth; on the other, if I were Jemima, I’d be pissed. (NSFW)

(Via Vice)

Photos: Richard Kern