After netting Beyonce for their summer campaign, there was almost nowhere to go from there, so it’s understandable why H&M hired Gisele Bundchen, one of the most recognizable models in the world, to star in their Fall 2013 campaign. What is less understandable is why they failed so miserably at getting their money’s worth.

Failed? You heard me. In the five photos that were unveiled today, Gisele looks pretty and tousled as she lends a couture aura to H&M’s fast fashion offerings. But a quick scan of the photos reveals she is making pretty much the same face (or rather, the same sexyface) in all of them. Look:

gisele2gisele3gisele4(I’m going to go ahead and assume someone got fired for letting a closed-mouth photo slip through.)

Is that lips-slightly-parted, head-tilted-to-the-right, eyes-on-the-camera signifier of horniness Gisele’s version of Blue Steel? You bet. But as the single highest paid supermodel in the biz, she definitely has more than one face in her bag of tricks. You’d think that after shelling out a jillion dollars for her, H&M would make at least a few selections from what is no doubt a vast catalog of smoldering expressions. But you would think wrong!

Did H&M direct her to be that boring? Gisele gives clients what they want, so obvi they did. Whoops. Then again, as boring as it is, I will take Gisele’s wooden impression of a very beautiful fish looking for food to Cara Delevingne‘s forced expressions of wackiness any day.

(Via Styleite)

Photos: H&M