The first part of this story isn’t all that shocking, right? You’re Harper’s Bazaar, and you’re launching in Brazil, and there happen to be tons of amazingly gorgeous models from your country, but one of them is more amazing and more gorgeous (by some accounts) than all the rest, and so you put her on your cover.

Not exactly rocket science.

What is a bit confusing, though, is why you have said supermodel photographed by some creepy dude who likes to get his schlong out. Because, honestly, what would have happened if Terry Richardson, who shot Gisele Bundchen for the cover, perved out on the Brazilian glamazon? I mean, maybe it would have been awesome, because then he would have gotten his scrawny ass kicked by this guy, and while violence isn’t something I’m usually a fan of, I kind of feel like for Richardson, that would be a long time coming.