Oh, don’t you fret! It’s not as though Tom is dying or anything, he’s just in the Super Bowl this Sunday and therefore is in need of prayers. Lots of prayers, people!

While football fans the country over have been busy planning their Super Bowl parties and exactly what type of salsa will be complementing the nachos (traditional or mango?), Gisele has been asking friends and family to focus on Tom and to pray for him and his New England Patriots. The New York Post was kind enough to print the email that the Brazilian beauty has been forwarding:

“My sweet friends and family.

This Sunday will be a really important day in my husband’s life. He and his team worked so hard to get to this point and now they need us more than ever to send them positive energy so they can fulfill their dream of winning this Super Bowl.

So I kindly ask all of you to join me on this positive chain and pray for him, so he can feel confident, healthy and strong. Envision him happy and fulfilled experiencing with his team a victory this Sunday.

Thank you for your love and support.

Love, G.”

Of course when reached for comment, Gisele was shocked that The Post was able to get their sticky little fingers on the email responding: “I am surprised that you received this e-mail; it was a private note only sent to close friends and family.” Looks like there’s a snitch in the Brady-Bundchen clan.

While everyone is praying for Tom Brady, maybe they can also pray for the end of famine and genocide. And if you have enough time left, maybe even cast a prayer this way that I’ll come into a collection of Christian Louboutin shoes by the end of the day.

On a side note, my New England roots forces me to say this: Go Pats!