Krochet Kids International has combined two unlikely pairings – warm hats and African families – for a great result.

Krochet Kids is a small program that’s paying off in big results for ten women in Northern Uganda.  The women are trained by KKi to crochet and are provided with the materials to make a limited selection of cool hats.  The group create 2000 of the funky hats, which are then sold through the Krochet Kids website.  The proceeds go back to the women and their communities.  Because the hats are individually hand-made, once they’re sold out – that’s it!

krochet kids

The hats are young, trendy and perfect for hip youngsters – either women or men…

krochet kids hat 1

The 5207.5 hat – the first hat style KKi created – made from easy-care 100% yarn and available in lots of different colors.

krochet kids hat 2

The DaNoches hat – great for keeping ears warm on chilly afternoons.

Each hat comes with a signed label from the woman who crocheted it.

images: Krochet Kids International