Taking care of your skin is especially important as you get older.  So whenever I discover a quality anti-aging product, I have to share.

Dr. Susanne Bennett

My roving reporter (aka my husband) went to the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion at the Sundance Film Festival, and received a collagen mask treatment from Dr. Susanne Bennett, CEO and founder of Purglo by Purigenex.

Now I religiously use her nourishing, paraben-free Purglo Hydrating Body Butter, and her Element Protection Stick, infused with jojoba oil, African shea butter, and comfrey leaf.

But what makes the Purglo Collagen Serum and Mask Kit so special?

Dr. Susanne: Purglo is a one of a kind, state of the art collagen formula that gives you more beautiful, glowing, vital and youthful skin.

Purigenex has the only biologically active transdermal collagen in topical cosmetic form. That means it’s the only product with medical grade collagen that works just by applying it to your face. No more injections or doctor’s visits. This is a huge breakthrough in skin care because collagen of this quality has never been available until now.

Purglo Collagen Mask demo

What makes Purigenex so advanced?

Dr. Susanne: Purigenex is biologically active. Collagen only works when it is biologically active and kept that way. That only happens if you keep it refrigerated. If you ever had collagen injected, the doctor takes it out of the refrigerator otherwise the protein strain breaks down and then denatures. Essentially you will be putting inert goo on your face, goo that will do nothing for you.

With Purigenex, you take the collagen mask out of the refrigerator and it will feel so good and nourishing on your face.

Purglo by Purigenix

What are the benefits of the Purglo Collagen system?

Dr. Susanne: Purigenex reduces crows feet and wrinkles, plumps and increases elasticity of skin especially if you apply it to the lips and neck area.  It also smoothes out the texture of your skin, minimizes pores especially around the nose and chin. And with sustained use, you will notice a reduction of any acne scarring or discoloration.

Image credit: Dr. Susanne Bennett