Boots Glastonbury 2014

It’s the wetter version of Coachella, so rain boots are an absolute necessity. Unlike sunny-skied Coachella, Glastonbury takes place in a field in England, so the chances of rain are more likely than Rihanna exposing a nipple. In addition to worrying about what products to stash in your makeup bag to make it look like you’ve showered (when everyone knows you haven’t), you have to consider what shoes will withstand swamp-like venues with sink holes. That is why the humble rain boot is a popular choice. Though these celebrities aren’t wearing the same plastic yellow ones you had when you were six, they prefer designer versions. A pair of Hunter boots might as well be included in the price of admission because every other person has them on.

Here are 20 photos of celebrities who worked their rain boots at Glastonbury :

1. Rita OraRita Ora Cowboy Boots Glastonbury 2014

Rita Ora eschewed the traditional rain boots for a pair zippered black leather ones that went with her biker-cowboy-gorilla look.

2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Sam Taylor-JohnsonSam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Glastonbury 2014

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson prove that the couple who wears matching Wellington boots, stays together.

3. Lily AllenLily Allen Glastonbury 2014

I’m surprised Lily Allen didn’t choose a multi-colored pair of boots to match her rainbow hair and top. And where’s the rainbow makeup?

4. Laura WhitmoreLaura Whitmore Glastonbury 2014If you look at the bed head blonde locks, you would think this is Glasto-fixtures Sienna Miller or even Kate Moss. If you look at the denim hot pants and boots this could pretty much be any person at Glastonbury.

5. Lady Mary Charteris 

Lady Mary Charteris Glastonbury 2014

At festivals some people like to dress up like superheroes and wear not breathable spandex and capes. Lady Mary Charteris wore plenty of Lycra but switched the usual cape for a fur cloak that Jon Snow would approve of.

6. Jo Whiley Jo Whiley Glastonbury 2014

On the muddy festival grounds, it is never a good idea to wear white, no matter how many stain removers you pack in your duffel bag. Jo Whiley wore a blindingly white pair of Hunter boots that can, thankfully, be wiped clean.

7. Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton Glastonbury 2014

Given the abundance of fur, I’m starting to wonder how cold it was at Glastonbury. Fearne Cotton accessorized her muddy boots with a striped fur scarf and tasselled belt.

8. Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding All White Outfit Glastonbury 2014

There are many do’s and don’ts for wearing white pants. Wearing white pants at any kind of outdoor event is definitely a DON’T, especially if you’re like Ellie Goulding and pair them with short boots that don’t protect against mud splatters.

9. Cressida Bonas  Cressida Satin Bomber Glastonbury 2014

Cressida Bonas, aka Prince Harry’s ex, paired her dirty boots with a satin bomber jacket. Can’t you picture prim-and-proper Kate Middleton wearing one? Maybe not.

10. Daisy LoweDaisy Lowe Glastonbury 2014Daisy Lowe realized too late what will happen when you pair a long lace dress with short buckled boots to a festival–a mess no dry cleaner can fix. Keep hold of that hem.

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11. Rain Poncho Glastonbury 2014

If you aren’t a celebrity, you may splurge on the designer Wellington boots, but you probably aren’t going to buy a thousand dollar dress that you’ll have to throw out after one wear. That is why a rain poncho is the perfect rain boot pairing–even if the style bloggs don’t think so.

12. Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson Glastonbury 2014

It looks like Dakota Johnson is a Glastonbury newbie judging from her I’m-going-to-the-mall outfit. At least she remembered to wear boots–though I don’t know how good they will be at protecting those bright jeans.

13. Alexa ChungAlexa Chung Glastonbury 2014

Surprisingly, Alexa Chung went for a preppy collegiate look. Nothing says “hipster” like a velvet blazer and Victorian blouse. Actually, it kind of does.

14. Cressida BonasCressida Bonas Glastonbury 2014

Here’s Cressida again, this time looking like an eight-year-old who is going to run away from home in a pair of lace up boots. Let the Kate Middleton comparisons continue.

15. Bip Ling

Bip Ling Glastonbury 2014

Bip Ling will never have to worry about being separated from her friends. They’ll be able to pick her out of any crowd in this neon outfit. The red wellies are a nice touch, though judging by the list, the black ones had probably sold out.

16. Florence Welch

Florence Welch Glastonbury 2014

Like Rita Ora, Florence Welch also channelled the Wild West, though she left off the cowboy hat. I hope she has some strong SPF in her fringed bag to protect her alabaster complexion then.

17. Ellie GouldingEllie Goulding Glastonbury 2014

It looks like Ellie Goulding learned her lesson about the all-white ensemble. She wisely went with an all-black, athletic look for her next festival appearance.

18. Rita Ora

Rita Ora Cow Print Glastonbury 2014

Is Rita Ora wearing cow print overalls or did they run out of colors at the tie-dying station? It must be a bovine-influenced print because the fringed boots match the cattle ranch theme.

19. Sam SmithSam Smith Glastonbury 2014


Sam Smith went for a printed pair of rain boots that help make the mud stains slightly less obvious. Though I like his floral blazer too much to care what he’s wearing on his feet.

20.Wagon Glastonbury 2014

This is the festival look that everyone, including celebrities and regular people, will be rocking on the way home–though not everyone will be lucky enough to be wearing both boots.

(Photos: Getty Images, WENN)