rachel berry style

My poor dear fellow Glee fans, I can’t believe we made it. Through all the plot holes, the complete disregard for character consistency, the repackaged story lines, every time Matthew Morrison rapped, every soul-numbing Gwyneth Paltrow episode—we made it. Glee’s final season premieres tonight, and I for one will be relieved to see it go, so that I can finally just watch the first season over and over in peace.

Lea Michele‘s voice in particular was the thing that brought me back, song after song, episode after episode, season after season. My obsession with her talent is so real, and even though I know she’s a waitress-abusing diva I can’t help but have a soft spot for her. And even though her Instagram has largely consisted of a belfie (butt selfie, get with it) contest with Naya Rivera of late, I adore her style. Her eyebrow game is on fleek (first time I’ve taken that phrase for a spin and did not enjoy it one bit), she can pull off velvetand she has a killer butt okay SO SUE ME!

This light obsession has of course, contributed to my love of Rachel Berry and her style transformation over the years. The argyle sweater, knee socks, headbands, and bows look from season one is classic Rachel Berry, but the new Rachel had me imitating her looks weekly throughout season four. If there’s another reason to watch this season aside from persistent nostalgia, it is Rachel Berry’s wardrobe. Here are some of the style lessons Rachel has given us over the years, and I promise that none of them will be an iteration of “Be yourself.”

1. Avoid crotch bows at all costs. 

rachel berry fashionAnd white tights. Definitely avoid white tights.

2. Sometimes bangs really do work. 

Personally, I love and have always loved Rachel Berry’s bangs.

3. White blazers must be part of any wardrobe upgrade. 

rachel berry glee blazer

I’m always yammering on about blazers, but white ones can be overlooked. Damn she’s crisp.

4. Sweetheart necklines are magical boob creators.

rachel berry sweetheart neckline

We learned this in the midst of Rachel’s big “sexy girl” transformation, when she was mostly wearing strappy leotards. Most of us can’t really wear those in our normal lives, but a killer sweetheart neckline is the second best thing.

5. Wearing shorts and boots doesn’t make much weather sense, but it looks cool. 
[youtube_iframe id=”aZXkD7yCGps”]

And now you can enjoy a nice song for the remainder of this article.

Click through for Rachel advice on new haircuts, statement coats, rompers, and more.

6. A new haircut can change your whole outlook on life. 

glee brave lea michele haircutOkay, so this turned out to be just a wig because Rachel was way too into her long sexy waves to actually chop them off. But she needed a change, needed to be seen in a different way, and a new haircut is the perfect way to do that.


Rachel Berry season 4

Seriously, everything.

8. Never be afraid of a bold statement coat.

rachel berry statement coats

Pairing it with knee socks: optional.

9. Classy rompers always come in for the win.

[youtube_iframe id=”HEwvwFN-TvA”]

This song is one of my faves so stop the other one and play this one now!

10. Sometimes you just need to go for the DRAMA.

broadway baby glee lea michele gownIf there’s anything you should have learned throughout four seasons of Rachel “Streisand” Berry on Glee, this is it.