It’s Wednesday and that means it’s bath goodies day. I have lots of goodies for you, but  I’m going to start off with a great shampoo that protects your hair if you color it and yes, lately I have been covering up just a few little gray hairs. I have a little trick that I also want to pass on. When shopping for beauty items of any sort, I usually start  with the lower price and then work my way up if the product in question, doesn’t  do what it claims. Sometimes it backfires I admit, but every so often  I will find a product that does an amazing job for pennies. That’s why I’m highlighting this particular shampoo.

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo for Color Treated Hair – 12 Oz (Price: $3.93 USD

*It is 300 ml of protection for your hair and it takes very little to get great results. Also available in a conditioner and an shampoo and conditioner combination. If you find a product that works in the price range, why on earth would you want to trade up?? And yes, it really does protect my color. Now if I could just find a way to make my roots stop growing!

glow in the dark bubblesGlow in the Dark Bubble Bath… now this has my interest. I’m really big on long, hot bubble baths. I know that it’s not good for you, but I can’t imagine sitting in a tepid bath?? I would be out in a matter of minutes. I want to be all toasty warm and if the bubbles glow… well does it get any better than that??

watermelon soap by Primal ElementsPrimal Elements Watermelon Soap… not quite ready to give up summer?? I know where you are coming from and just maybe you might want to tuck away a bar of this soap when the snow begins to fly. Nah, I don’t even want to think about that.

coconut bath powderCoconut Bath Powder- in real coconut shell! These are actually wedding favors that I just happened upon. Now would these make a cute little gift!

Photo Credit:, Presenting the Soap Opera, Amazon, Moments of Elegance