I received my items from GoJane.com in the mail yesterday and while it was pretty much what I expected for what I’d purchased, there were a few things I was NOT expecting. For instance, the plastic rhinestones from my “Babs Top” were ALREADY falling off even before the package was opened! (Red arrows point to missing/fallen embellishments.)


At the end of the day it’s nothing a hot glue gun can’t fix, but, again, I always say you sometimes get what you pay for, and if you want to buy cheap, you will sometimes get just that: cheap, but …uh… I mean if I had paid $7 for the top I’d shrug it off, but it was definitely not worth the $34.99 that I paid for it. And I know I said I would rock the top as a mini dress, but in reality, seeing it in person, it is wayyyy too short to do that. Ix-nay on that.

The second top I purchaed, the “Agostino top” was fine and exactly as it appeared both in the online pic and in person. The material is light and perfect for those balmy summer days.

That said, I wouldn’t discourage anyone from shopping at GoJane.com, but just as a dear friend told me (in the comments section of the original post) be wary if you’re ordering anything with embellishments and use extreme caution when washing their clothes.