Caroline Correa seen wearing a 24k gold dress designed by Zac Posen 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

Caroline Correa’s glitter and gold look was designed by Zac Posen to promote a salted caramel ice cream bar.

Zac Posen has seriously gone and designed a dress made out of real, honest-to-god 24-karat gold, and it’s every bit as vampy and shiny as you’d expect.

The gold Zac Posen dress was created as a promotion for an ice cream bar, Magnum’s vanilla bean and salted caramel Gold?! bar (as much as I might like vanilla bean and salted caramel, the questionably ecstatic punctuation markers are their doing, not mine). To promote the ice cream bar, the company also made a short film called As Good As Gold starring Joe Manganiello and Caroline Correa, who got to wear the $1.5 million dress on the red carpet.

When asked to design a gown made of gold, Posen decided he wanted to create something “that felt like liquid gold — the ultimate glamour gown.”

Initially he thought he’d make the dress out of a cloth-of-gold fabric he’d seen in Italy, but he eventually decided a dress made of gold paillettes would look better.

“I thought it would work better on camera,” he said in an interview with, “with the liquid quality echoing the drippiness of melting ice cream and the texture of molten gold.”

The paillettes are not solid gold, though. A gown made of solid gold would be too heavy for anyone to wear. Instead regular paillettes were plated with 24-karat gold leaf and hand-cut so they vary in size, getting larger as they drip down towards the hem.

Posen said the dress took about two months to make, which doesn’t seem like a lot for all the handwork that was involved.

“It was about a month to just sew all the sequins on, and then we had the couture fittings and re-placing them, so the whole thing took about two months,” he said. “Plus, I’m a perfectionist so once we had the fittings with Caroline, we started tweaking and fixing things to highlight her body. Underneath there’s a serious couture structure, even though it looks like a bias moving dress.”

Caroline Correa’s glitter and gold look debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last night, which must have been frustrating to the attendees who didn’t show up in a 1.5 million dollar dress. There they were, just rocking couture and feeling like the belles of the ball, when someone shows up in a dress made of actual gold. That’d be a tough one to live up to.

Via Styleite/Photo: WENN